November 1, 2018

So Blender released the video of entire Lightning Talks session, where various speakers step on the stage to briefly announce what they’re working on. Limit was 5 minutes per talk and some speakers really took their liberty with stretching that time. Not yours trulypl though. After being handed the mic by my good friend Thomas Beck, who published his amazing Blender book, I used just about 3 minutes to announce what we at Viddyoze have been up to since the last time I was there.

And we did something amazing. We changed Blender and fixed some issues I was very vocal about ever since my talk last year. Namelym, we fixed vertical alignment in text, and the way text boxes handle excess text. This change was facilitated by Dalai Felinto, and paid for by Viddyoze, after we went through a lot of back and forth communication with Blender Institute.

You can see entire Lightning Talks here:

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