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Automating Motion Graphics with Blender

November 5, 2017

I had the greatest honor of speaking at Blender Conference 2017 in Amsterdam. As I’m currently involved in development and production of fully automated motion graphics templates at Viddyoze, I took the opportunity to talk about how Blender helped us develop this platform, and also mention some of the issues motion graphics artists face when using Blender.

To quickly recap:

Here at Viddyoze, we use Blender to create and render fully automated motion graphics in the form of logo stingers, intros and outros. It’s a subscription based template library aimed at users who know nothing about 3D animation, or simply don’t want to spend time dealing with all the those intricate details. They simply pick a template they like, upload logo, type in their text, pick some colors they like and within about 4 minutes, get a finished mp4 video file.

There were some complex challenges when making templates that will work with any logo. Wide, tall, square, circular. We ended up applying every logo to a 2048×2048 image to make sure we don’t have to UV unwrap things differently when ever new logo is loaded.

Later, we learned that Blender’s text is hell to work with in motion graphics. Vertical alignment is broken, and we had to think outside the box to come up with auto-fitting solution that would fit any text to a certain area of the screen. We also experimented with font objects, and realized there’s not much we can do with text in Blender without converting it to mesh. But for automated system, that would be end of the road, as mesh text can no longer be changed via script.

Another issue, since all our templates are rendered on our servers, is speed. We found that heavy usage of Blender’s node editor, aka Compositor enabled us to get near Cycles quality renders using Blender Internal render in combination with pre-rendered render passes. Trick was to only render things that change, and pre-render everything else. This enabled us to get a frame that renders in cycles in 1 minute and 25 seconds, in just 3 seconds in Blender Internal, looking almost as good.

Following some suggestions I had for improvements needed in Blender to make it a viable software for talented motion graphics artists out there, I briefly mentioned our upcoming Viddyoze Creators program, where everyone will be able to create and submit templates to Viddyoze, and earn percentage of each template render on our platform. On par with leading motion graphics libraries like and Really looking forward to this.

Make sure to watch through the presentation, and comment on it, and I’ll be sharing updates on Viddyoze Creators here as soon as there is new information available.

Keep Blending!

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